Sponsor Shout Out: Freightquote

By Unknown on 4/10/2017

We get involved with the charitable organizations that our employees are passionate about. With input from the whole Freightquote team, we chose Girls on the Run Serving Greater Kansas City (GOTRKC) as a nonprofit we would support. GOTRKC’s ultimate mission is to activate each girls’ immeasurable potential in life and to encourage her to chase her aspirations.


GOTRKC’s focus on empowering impressionable, young girls while incorporating physical activity is admirable. The program helps shape our future, and we’re happy to support those efforts.


Several Freightquote team members donate their time, talent and money to this nonprofit, including a Senior Account Executive, who coached girls in the program and acted as a mentor for more than 10 seasons, while also serving 4 years as a board member. Our Vice President of Operations, Douglas Grojean, has also supported the organization for several years. He recently shared, “I witnessed the results of this program when my daughter enrolled and completed it a couple years ago. To watch all the participants finish the run and observe their sense of achievement was remarkable.” 


A large group of volunteers from Freightquote look forward to each Girls on the Run 5K. We attend to cheer on the girls and participants as they finish their race, accomplishing the goal they have worked toward all semester. We provide them with medals and applaud them as they cross that finish line. In reality though, we’re the ones who get the biggest reward. To see their determination as they push through is encouraging, and their celebration of accomplishment is amazing to witness.


For us, it goes beyond simply being a sponsor of GOTRKC. It’s knowing we’ve had a part in shaping the youth of the community we live in.


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