Plugging into the GOTR Cord Changed My Life and the Lives of My Students

By Devin on 8/2/2017

GOTR is the best thing that has ever come into my life and the lives of my students! I have been coaching for 7 seasons now for GOTR KC and I have been extremely privileged to be a part of this amazing program. I am a teacher who had just heard through the grape vine about what GOTR is all about, and I instantly became curious as to how this would benefit my students.


After sitting with coaches, program directors, etc. I was ready to bring this into my school for our 3rd-5th grade girls. It was crazy how easy it was to get a full team in only a couple of days in our first season and from there our school said they would never let this program go. I have seen so much growth in the girls with their confidence, friendships, and how to be true leaders of our community. If you are thinking I thought this is only a program for does have running within the curriculum, but there is so much more to it than that.


The curriculum builds in character, healthy eating, and everyday situations that our girls encounter. My favorite lesson in all the curriculum is the GOTR Cord. This is a visualization lesson that makes the girls focus on what we are as people on the inside and how we need to be plugged into the GOTR cord, which means we are positive, kind, and happy. This lesson truly resonates with the coaches and the girls because everyone needs that support and motivation to remember to be that positive, kind, and happy person as much as we can. Coaching for 7 seasons has given me so many memories that I will cherish forever.


My favorite memory from our 2016 spring season was when my GOTR girls that I have had for 6 seasons, ran their last race for GOTR and seeing how much they have grown into strong, confident leaders. One of these young ladies on our team started out very unsure of herself in anything she did and always felt she didn't have any close friends. Now 6 seasons later she has grown very sure of herself and knows she has a family here at school. She said she knows she will always have our support even though she's moving on to middle school. Can you imagine what this girl is going to do with her future now that she has that boost of confidence and is ready to face any challenge that lay ahead? I can't say enough to how amazing GIRLS ON THE RUN is. The relationship that you will have with your girls after coaching is so wonderful and you will never forget how much they have inspired you.  

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