Call Me Coach Brandi

By Brandi on 5/3/2017

Lucky. That’s how I feel about being a GOTR/Heart & Sole coach. There isn’t a day that goes by that a memory, a thought, an idea, or a conversation doesn’t make me think of Girls on the Run. This program has impacted myself and so many around me the past 8 years. 


My first season as a coach was so very special. Not only was I a teacher to many of the girls on the team but I was also a mother to one of them. From that season on, I knew being a part of this incredible program for girls was something I would make a priority. I watched a team of 3rd & 4th girls grow individually but also a group. They were so open and caring with one another. They GOT IT!


Over the years, I have been involved with Girls on the run in many ways...lead coach for Girls on the Run, lead coach for Heart & Sole, part of Team Adelaide, served on the 5K committee, and am also a Coach Ambassador. Working with girls that have such a variety of personalities is my favorite part. Watching them grow on the inside is amazing. Each lesson is unpredictable as it may bring laughter, it may bring tears, it may bring memories, it may bring hope. You just never know because it depends on your team and what personalities the message will talk to that day.


Personally, I have not always been a runner. In fact, running still is not something I think is “fun” but I have learned that running makes me a better mom, wife, friend, teacher, and person. It’s my time to take care of me and it’s also time for me to think, reflect, and connect. After I had my third child, I knew I needed a way to unwind from a day in the classroom before I went home to be a mom for the evening. I started running right after school before I picked up my kiddos and eventually got hooked on the feeling it gave me and what it was doing to my mind. I eventually signed up for my first 5K. Wow! What a feeling crossing that finish line! That led to my first 10K and finally my first half marathon. Many races later, I am sold on running. I love how I feel after completing a new goal and running always clears my mind and relieves stress. I share this with my girls all the time...running may not be what you LOVE but the feeling you get from completing a running GOAL makes it worth all the hard work!


One of my GOTR rockstars said it best, “This program is full of awesomeness!”.I couldn’t agree more!

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