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IGNITE Positive Energy During Challenging Moments

Stressed and overwhelming days happen to everyone. Research shows that stress levels steadily increase between the months of July through December. School starts, work loads may increase, and the holidays are around the corner. Some days are more stressful than others, with Mondays being one of the most dreaded days by many adults. Regardless of the day your GOTR team meets, it may fall on a day that is challenging and stressful that puts you at your max capacity. In this episode of IGNITE, we will learn how to use your own challenging days to empower your GOTR team.

  • Difficult days are your breeding ground for empowerment, support, and encouragement. Being open and honest about tough days gives your girls two ideas about GOTR coaches and life.
    • You are human! You struggle some days like they struggle some days. It shows the girls that there are days you can be a cheerleader where you can motivate and encourage. Then there are days you can be an observer or teammate who silently participates. Either way you are supporting!
    • You have the opportunity to model effective, healthy ways to cope with stressful and challenging days. State what you need from the team (i.e. encouragement, high fives, hugs, a check-in). Allow them to love on you in the way you need it. This empowers them! They get to be involved in making your day great, like you make their days great!
  • Challenging moments in the practice will happen, as well. There will be times when girls isolate themselves, are disruptive, refuse to participate, are frequently absent, etc. The reason for these behaviors vary among every individual. People interpret and react to situations based on their own perspective, their own background, and their own needs. We, as a coach, cannot take a girl’s behavior personally. This is what we CAN do:
    • Observe the behavior from an objective point of view. Look at the whole picture of the practice or activity. Take note of what happened before the challenging moment or what is coming up in the practice.
    • Notice when the behavior is occurring, especially if it is a repeated behavior that is causing a challenge. Noticing this will help you better relate and understand the girl better in order to build a connection.
    • Ask the girl(s) about the behavior or situation. Use you as a reference point to start the discussion. For example, “I sometimes feel uncomfortable when I have to work with someone I don’t really know or get along with. It kinda puts me in a bad mood. How do you feel about working with other people?” This step is similar to the “I statement” lesson in the GOTR curriculum!

Remember to KEEP IT REAL! You are igniting positive energy throughout your team, by humanizing yourself and letting your passion for girl empowerment shine through any challenging moment or situation! Let your coach star shine, and your amazing team will shine too!


Shayla A is the Coach Mentor for Girls on the Run Kansas City. Her background comes from the classroom, coaching, day treatment schools, wellness, and advocating for children with special needs. She enjoys empowering and advocating for girls and coaches in every challenge and celebration. Connect with her for support and assistance this season via Leigh Krtec.


  • A Mind of Cheer by Jordan L. Brown
  • My Many Colored Days by Dr. Seuss
  • The Power of Moments by Chip Heath and Dan Heath
  • Positive Energy by Judith Orloff




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