Being on Board: Meet Kira

By Kira on 4/3/2017

Because her fierceness is beyond her frame.


Because encouraging positive physical, social and emotional concepts helps me as a parent.


Because I believe there is a great strength and powerful spirit in every little girl if given the chance to realize it.


Before my daughter was old enough to participate in Girls on the Run, I remember my friend Laura telling me “You HAVE to put her in it.  She will love it.  You will love it.”  And so when the time came, it was a no brainer because I trust my super smart friend and she was right… I totally dug it.  But I don’t even know if she could foresee how important this program would become to my daughter… and to me.


My daughter is fierce - in all the good ways and in ways I’m pretty sure I’m not fully equipped to handle.  When she started her first season with GOTR, she would come home with all these great empowering quotes and light up telling me about practice and the lessons.  She shared about goals and new friends and acceptance and confidence and breathing and listening to your inner voice.  And I’m all wide-eyed, happy face, YES TO ALL OF THAT!  And then came the 5K and I was done… and completely undone.  You cannot even imagine or try to match the energy of this race.  It feels all the good feels you ever want to feel. 


I joined the board shortly thereafter.  My daughter is now in her 4th season.  She has undoubtedly become a better runner but more importantly she has a set of tools to handle peer pressure, she has a better awareness of how to handle her emotions, she has the confidence to push herself in multiple areas and she is growing into her own sense of self…and it’s beautiful.  


Girls on the Run is my favorite parental companion reinforcing the values we hold as a family and as community members.  What it has done for my daughter drives my passion as a board member.  I believe every little girl deserves the opportunity to see themselves as strong and capable, to learn what it means to be a part of a team and larger community, and to know their potential is limitless. Girls on the Run lights the candle and it is a great honor to be a part of something that makes our girls shine!

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