Being on Board: Meet Lori!

By Lori on 5/5/2017

I, Lori, (a happily married wife, mom of two boys, partner in a CPA firm and board member of GOTRKC) ran the Boston Marathon on April 17, 2017.  This race is every marathoner’s dream.  The Boston experience goes way beyond words and pictures.  The entire city lives for race weekend and especially Monday-Patriot’s Day.  I felt like I was at Disney World for runners.  From the moment that I boarded the bus in Boston Common at 8 am until I crossed the finish line around 3:45 pm, it was a day that I will never forget.  This was not my fastest marathon.  As a matter of fact, of the ten marathons that I have run, it was my slowest….by almost 30 minutes!  But this race was about more than time.  It was about starting in Hopkinton, running through eight different cities, being inspired by blind runners and blade runners, fans shouting your name, college students high-fiving you, seeing your husband at Mile 25 just outside Fenway Park, and making that final turn onto Boylston Street.  The street with the finish line that will live forever in every runner’s mind after April 15, 2013. 


The journey to April 17, 2017 started fifteen months before race day.  I qualified for Boston on January 17, 2016 and had to wait for over eight months to find out if I got in.  Once I got the official word that I was in on September 28, 2016, my next step was to sign up as a GOTRKC SoleMate.  I wanted to share my journey with others through social media and to help support this organization that I so strongly believe in.  My initial goal was $500.  I thought that if I could sponsor three girls for an entire season that would be awesome.   Let’s just say that my supporters knocked it out of the park.  Together, we raised almost $1,500-enough to support nine girls for an entire season!!!!


I think that seeing a very average runner chasing and fulfilling her Boston dream just might inspire people.  I know that I was inspired watching friends (who also happen to be GOTRKC coaches) on their Boston journeys.  Slowly, but surely, I started believing that I could do this too.  I am also inspired every time that I attend at GOTRKC 5K and watch every single girl cross that finish line and realize that if you put in the hard work, day after day, week after week, anything is possible. 


Joyful + Healthy + Confident = Limitless Potential.

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