Being on Board: Meet Amanda

By Amanda on 4/10/2017

As a strong female myself, I have wanted to give back to my community for as long as I can remember.  I have wanted to give back to our growing youth the way strong women helped mold and empower me.  Girls on the Run is a movement that allows me to see how our Kansas City community comes together to inspire and transform the youth of tomorrow. 


Being on the board for GOTRKC has shown me what empowerment can do within a community.  I love seeing the community of coaches come together to change their group of girls.  It is amazing watching the young girls transform from shy individuals to a team of strong, passionate and confident women. GOTRKC truly is a blessing to have in Kansas City.  


Giving back to Kansas City by being a part of the GOTRKC Board has inspired me to continue to grow as a strong, passionate, positive female in my personal and professional career.  Working with the youth at the 5K races and seeing their smiles after accomplishing such a huge goal, while learning great life lessons, is something we can all learn from.  Inviting our friends and families to the GOTR races is something we should all do to change our community.  Our girls' smiles are contagious and you can't help feeling inspired after watching the race at Arrowhead.  I challenge you to get involved with the youth of Kansas City.   

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