Being on Board: Meet Ali!

By Ali on 5/9/2017

I remember my first coach training like it was yesterday. As soon as we went through the curriculum and I learned more about the program, I knew this would be a program that not only impacted a girl’s life, but would also impact my own. As we chanted the above quote at the end of training, I was ready to meet my team and make an impact in a girl’s life. Little did I know how much this program would impact my own life.


I was fortunate to work at a diverse site and I had an immediate connection with many of the girls on my team. I loved that the girls on my team went to different schools, and came from many different backgrounds. Instead of the girls coming into the program with their own cliques and friends, they were forced to form a bond with each other. At every practice we would run through a different lesson and discuss how the lesson applied to our own lives. The lesson after we discussed bullying, one of my girls ran up to me so excited to tell me how she responded to her bully using the tricks GOTR taught her. It was then that I knew this program was making a big difference in their lives, and I loved being a part of that.


At the end of my first season, I said goodbye to my girls with tears in my eyes. The shy, quiet girls that were not friends when the season started, had formed a bond so strong by the end that they didn’t want to say goodbye. They left the program with not only new friends, but with new values. And I left the season with a much fuller heart and changed for the better. I was so in love with the program and its mission and I couldn’t wait to coach the following season.


After a few seasons of coaching, I was asked to join the GOTR Board. This was a huge honor to me, and something I gladly accepted. I was excited to make an impact on these girls in a different way and grow my involvement with GOTR. Over the past few years I’ve watched this program grow exponentially and help thousands and thousands of girls. The GOTR 5K will always be one of my favorite days of the year, as I see first-hand the impact the program has made on these young lives. There is nothing better than watching these girls encourage each other and celebrate their training.


I look forward to seeing the continued impact of GOTR in Kansas City – I know great things are to come!

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