Alum on the Run: Meet Phoebe

By Phoebe on 3/2/2017

If you ask most runners they will say that they have a love/hate relationship with running.  Well I just have a hate relationship with running.  I hate running and I always have.  The crazy thing is I’ve been surrounded by it for my entire life.  My mom has been running since before I was born.  When I was in elementary school, my mom was a Girls on the Run coach.  In my early elementary school days I was not able to participate so of course I tagged along.  She then continued to coach for many more seasons.  I have not only been surrounded by running for my entire life but I have been covered in Girls on the Run awesomeness. 


By 3rd grade I was able to participate.  The funny thing was it was my first season, yet I already knew the lessons.  There is something about hanging out with the girls you love and coaches you love and getting to talk about these amazing topics that is so much fun.  I hate running, but Girls on the Run is more than that. 


When I was in 6th grade, I got the opportunity to be a junior coach at Liberty Oaks Elementary.  I got to go through everything just like a real coach, training, teaching, and everything in between.  By 6th grade I had been around Girls on the Run for 7 years, yet I still had to go to coach training.  The first thing I said to my mom after coach training was, “Mom, I don’t know why you made me go to this.  I could lead all the lessons without the book.”


Since I can remember I have been a confident and outgoing girl and I can thank Girls on the Run for that.  I was in the Girls on the Run program for 3 years and then I went on to middle school and I thought it was over, but no I then was involved in Girls on Track.  I completed 7 seasons of Girls on the Run, 7 5ks, and many practices of running around and around the school and I still hate running. Girls on the Run is not meant to make you love running.  It’s meant to teach you how to be confident and let you see how amazing and beautiful you really are.  It did that for me.  It didn’t make me like running.  I’m not sure anyone or anything could do that, but it did turn me into a confident girl that sees her beauty. 

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